Friday, October 16, 2009

Invite someone over for supper, check

Since it has been raining and Mike hasn't been harvesting, he has had a little extra time on his hands. So, when he called me at work to see if we should have some company over for supper, I wasn't surprised. When he offered to clean the house and make the soup for supper, I agreed to make the dessert when I got home.

We invited our neighbors Ron and Joyce (left) and Ron and Cora (right) over for supper.

Mike made his own recipe of chili, which was a combination of all the chili recipes from our church cookbook.

He also made white chicken chili, which was a recipe we had received from Mike's sister.
For dessert we had Ditzy Blonde Cake, which was a new recipe and it was rich. I think everyone could agree that we ate too much, but it was all so good.

Now I can mark another item off my list 0f things to do before I turn 25. Next week I will have several posts about other items I have marked of my list.

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  1. Ok, so where's the recipe for the Ditzy Blonde Cake? Even if it's not in the church cookbook. You can't NOT mention a recipe with a name like that and then leave us hanging! Spill!!!