Friday, October 2, 2009

Last Day

Today was the last day that employees on Main Street in Henderson could stand outside of their business at 9:30 am to see the high school band march as they prepare for competition.

Every morning it's the same group watching. Some are parents,

some just need a little band with their coffee in the morning.

I have to admit I love watching the band march down Main Street. I actually look forward to it each year. I also have to admit that I hated marching down Main Street while I was in high school. Who wants to start their school day with frizzy hair and scuffed up shoes? Definitely not me. Now I can enjoy the band from the curb with my cup of coffee and it is fun to see the progress they make each day.

Check out those diagonals during the horn flash.

And since I don't have a child in the band to embarrass, I had no problem crawling into the back of a random pick up, in a skirt, to take a few pictures.

Good Luck at Harvest of Harmony.


  1. I saw that quick move you made climbing into the back of that are very lucky you don't have a kid in the band or they would have been totally embarassed. I am going to miss that Marching Band starting off my morning.