Tuesday, October 13, 2009

School Kits

On Sunday evening our church had family night. Our project for this evening was to make 1,000 school kits, which will be distributed to children in different countries. We have done this for a few years now and it still amazes me how many people are willing to help and how fast we are able to put that many kits together.

Before the assembly lines started we made bundles of 4 pencils for each kit.

We also had a group of people putting draw strings into the bags for the kits.

Once the assembly process starts everyone works as hard and fast as they can putting 4 notebooks, 1 ruler, 4 pencils, colored pencils and an eraser in each bag.

There were over 150 people that helped with this project.

Unfortunately we ran out of erasers, so we only had around 600 completed school kits. The 400 kits that still need an eraser are assembled and waiting for an eraser, so technically we did make our goal.

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