Thursday, October 1, 2009


On Saturday I had the chance to be part of a once in a life time experience. I attended the 300th Consecutive Sellout at Memorial Stadium. I have gone to Nebraska Football games for as long as I can remember and every one of those games was a sellout. The first sellout game that started this streak was in 1962. The Nebraska Cornhuskers actually lost that first game, but went on to have a very successful season and over the course of time won 5 National Championship, 3 of which I remember.

One thing that was particularly exciting at the game was the amount of time spent congratulating Husker Nation for making the 300th sell out possible. It was particularly interested to listen to coaches from different universities across the country talk about the Nebraska football team and the Nebraska fans.

For the special occasion the team wore uniforms that were similar to the ones the team wore in 1962. It is amazing how boring the old uniforms looked and how much we missed seeing the last name of the player on the back of their jersey.

The cheerleaders even wore old uniforms for the game.

Some fans also chose to wear clothes from the 60's.

Prior to and during the game there were usually 1-3 helicopters circling the stadium at a time.

Since Mike was in the field and my parents were in Kansas watching my brother play football, I went to the game with my aunt Bonnie, cousin John and his friend. We had a great time


  1. Kelsey -- Where is your RED?

  2. Don't you have a brother playing football somewhere on Saturdays???