Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cutting Silage

This week my parents cut silage, which is what they feed the cattle during the winter months. It is basically the whole corn plant chopped up into little pieces.

This is the machine that cuts the silage three rows at a time. I think it is funny that it just looks like a tractor, but you drive facing backwards.

In the field the silage shoots from the picker into the silage wagons.

This was our view of the process from the yard.

Mike and my grandpa drove the tractors taking the silage from the field to the pile on the yard.
This job is harder than it looks because it requires a lot of backing.

Mike must have really enjoyed working with my family, since he gave me that big of a smile after 50 rounds between the field and the yard.

They dump the silage from the wagon.

Then my mom and grandma poured a liquid mixture on the silage.

Then my dad drives over the pile to pack it down.

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