Monday, September 7, 2009

Mennonite Monday - Green Bean Soup

I know I am late posting Mennonite Monday, but I decided to have a relaxing Labor Day napping, watching TV, and basically not do anything all day long.
Actually... I spent my morning canning, I made chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake, banana cupcakes, went for a 4 mile run, picked tomatoes, mowed the lawn, and went to a friends for supper and to play cards. It was a pretty busy day and I didn't even remember it was Monday until this evening. So better late than never here is my Mennonite recipe for this week.

Earlier this summer I made Green Bean soup and have been saving the recipe for my blog for a few weeks, but with summer coming to an end our time is limited to make green bean soup with fresh green beans. I recently learned that Green Bean Soup is not very common depending on where you are from. In Henderson, Green Bean Soup is a summer staple. Why would anyone choose to eat soup in the summer when it is hot? I assume it is because this is when there is fresh green beans and summer savory available , which is very important when making the soup.

Green Bean Soup
1 1/2 lb ham bone and meat
8-10 sprigs parsley
1 small onion
1 1/2 cup diced potatoes
1/2 cup light cream
2 tsp salt
7 whole allspice
4 sprigs summer savory or one tsp dry
4 cups cut green beans
1 Tbl butter

Place ham bone in soup kettle and cover with water. Put allspice, parsley, and savory in cheesecloth. Add to the kettle. Simmer 2 hours.

This is what the ham bone looks like after 2 hours. I was a little nervous about cooking with a ham bone because I have never done it before. However, it was really easy and it gives the soup a great flavor.

After the ham has cooked, shred the meat off of the bone and return the meat to the kettle.

Add beans, onion and potatoes to kettle and cook until vegetables are tender.

Remove spice ball. Just before serving blend in cream, butter and salt.
We also mix in sour cream and vinegar at the table to taste.

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