Tuesday, July 6, 2010


 I am really really behind on this post, but when Mike and I recently (okay, not so recently) took a trip to Newton to visit our friends, Brian and Jodi, I learned how to harvest mulberries. 
You can shake the tree limbs by hand,

 or use a really long stick to shake the top branches,

 or hit the branches to make the mulberries fall on your sheet below. 

 We collected 42 cups of red and white mulberries. 

Then we had to rinse all of the mulberries before bagging them for the freezer. 

It was really fun to learn how to do something new and mark on thing off of my bucket list. Hopefully I will be able to harvest mulberries when they are ripe in Nebraska this summer. 


  1. There used to be tons of mulberry bushes out at the ranch along the road going north to the pasture. Are there still?

  2. You two were always the 'domestics' in college - baking pies and preiska at Jodi's house . . .
    yes, Karla, the mulberries are still there. It's always a great surprise to be walking a fenceline and come upon a loaded tree. (and a good excuse for a break to eat for awhile!)