Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bucket List

I decided to do another bucket list this year. Luckily I'm starting this list much earlier, so I should be able to accomplish all 25 items before I turn 26 on December 1.

1. Make Zwieback
2. Master ham gravy
3. Make Homemade Jelly
4. Find and Make a good BBQ Sauce recipe
5. Bid at an Auction
6. Remodel the basement bedroom
7. Finish remodeling the sun room
8. Finish my senior year of college scrapbook
9. Try digital scrapbooking
1o. Learn how to cross words out on blogger
11. Eat only homemade food for one week
12. Visit friends
13. Vacation
14. Learn to do something new
15. Make apple priescha (round 2)
16. Donate something
17. Sort/Donate clothes
18. Photograph Harvest (Since I didn't last year)
19. Try a new craft project
20. Sew Something
21. Have a picnic
22. Change some light in our house
23. Lay brick around the house
24. Read the New Testament
25. Read a new book


  1. After you master ham gravy, I so hope you will put your steps on here. Ham gravy is so necessary to verenike in my world! But I don't know how to make it. :(

  2. I can help you out with number 10! Under the "settings" tab there is "select post editor" and you want "updated editor" then when you're composing your blog there is an abc sign that has a line through it, you highlight what you want it to strike through and then click that button and...tada!

  3. Thanks Mindy! I knew it was possible, I just hadn't figured it out yet.

  4. I could actually help you out with 4 & 25. And maybe even 2 & 3 - although it's been a while. The secret to ham gravy is having good ham juice from cooking a ham and that little jar of ham base that I gave you! :) (Oh yeah - and lots of sour cream!)

  5. I'd love to come help make jelly/jam this summer!!! (Ava too!) :)