Wednesday, March 3, 2010


On Monday morning Mike and I embarked on our first corn hauling experience in a semi.
Mike recently purchased this semi and trailer and this was his first trip to the ethanol plant and I was lucky enough to go along for the ride.

This is big blue.

We are pretty excited about the Bergen Farms decals, which were custom made by Marshalls Refinishing in Harvard.

I was decked out for the trip with my John Deere coat.

Pulling out of the yard.

The Hastings Ethanol Plant.

It is very interesting to see how an ethanol plant works. While I only saw one part of the process, this is what I learned. Trucks bring in corn, dump it in the elevator, they convert the corn into ethanol, they truck the ethanol out of the plant and truck the wet distillers (one of the ethanol by products) to local feedlots.

That is a truck taking the wet distillers from the plant. See how the trailer is different?

Yes I was the crazy wife who took pictures of her husbands first trip to the ethanol plant.

This is the bill of lading, which Mike took into the office before his truck was weighed and sampled to test the moisture of the corn.

There is he going into the building to deliver the bill of lading. You dump the corn in that building.

Yes I was the crazy wife that got out of the semi to take a picture of him dumping the corn and then I realized that I had forgot my memory card at home and the internal memory on my camera was full, so the pictures end here.