Sunday, July 4, 2010

June Favs

1. Cake Doctor Cookbook

After visiting a friend who had the cake doctor cookbook I thought I had to have it. My mom had this cookbook, and I always like to make the red velvet cake from it.  This is such a great cookbook because you use a regular cake mix as a base of the recipe and then you jazz it up to make a great cake, cookies or dessert.

2. Garage Sales

I am horrible at Garage Saling.  I always buy things on an impulse that I don't really need, but I had to participate in the community wide garage sale (where there were 45+ garage sales) and this year I hit several home runs.  Some of the items included a box full of bathroom fixtures (light fixture, towel rod, robe hook, towel ring, toilet paper holder) for $3. I also bought a small pampered chef microwave cooker for 25 cents, a set of 4 patio chairs with cushions for $5, and a great pair of wedge heels for $1.  I was able to fill my car with all of these great finds  and a few more things for only $20.

3. Big Marshmallows
 When I saw these marshmallows at our local grocery store I had to buy two bags. These are the largest marshmallows I have ever seen.

 On the left is a normal size marshmallow. On the right is one of the jumbo marshmallows. Aren't they huge.

4. Aqua Jogging
 Three years ago, I bought an Aquajogger, so I could do some short summer workouts in the summer over my lunch hour at the pool. It was so great to pull it out again this month.

The belt holds you up in the water while you make a running motion.  In 30 minutes you can get a pretty good workout.  

5. LG Ally
 Since my phone completely died on me in May, I got a new phone on the first day I could.  So far I love the LG Ally. It has really fast Internet and I can do so many things with it. 

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