Saturday, December 5, 2009

Priescha & Verenika - Check

Before my birthday I wanted to try to make two Mennonite specialties. Apple Priescha and Verenika. Unfortunately I will not be posting pictures with step-by-step directions for these recipes because the apple priescha did not turn out the best and the verenika was made by my grandma and she just gave me a quick tutorial on how to make verenika.

One of my close college friends, Tina, stopped by for the evening and we attempted to make apple priescha. I later learned from several women in the community that the white church cookbook does not have the best recipe for priescha, which is why the dough was hard as a rock. I am planning to try this recipe again and hopefully my second attempt will go better.

For thanksgiving my grandma made verenika. I was going to help her with the assembly process, but our schedules were too busy, so she left me a little dough and filling, so we could have a verenika lesson at Thanksgiving.

Form her instruction, I think am ready to try to make verenika on my own. However, I would like to find a verenika cutter before I try. It looked like a cookie cutter, but it was a half circle. My grandma though Midwest gave these cutters away in the 80s. Maybe I will find one at a household auction someday.

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  1. Kelsey, The first time I made apple prieshka, Terry asked where the apples were? (Wise guy..) No one told me how much they would cook down. I did better on subsequent tries, but he doesn't remember, only the time I "made apple prishka without the apples." So, I basically gave up on those. Now, verenika, I had much better luck with. We even had them for Christmas a few times when Ann and Mike were younger, along with cherry mos and ham. This would be a fun project for us to do sometime!