Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pre Delivery

This is part one of a series of posts about our delivery experience and life with twins.  

We took the last bi-weekly picture on Christmas night, the night before our c section.  

I never felt like I got huge simply for the fact that I was having twins and expected to be bigger.  Having said that, when I look at this picture I realize that I was huge, so I'm glad that we took this picture the morning the boys were born. 

During the last two weeks I had numerous people ask me if I was having twins.  Usually these people were a twin or have had twins, but we were always surprised that people would be bold enough to ask this and often wondered if people having one baby were ever asked the same questions.  

We had to arrive at the hospital at 5:30, two hours before the surgery.  It didn't really matter how early it was because we really didn't sleep the night before.  

On our way to town Mike's pickup said it was -4 degrees.  Being pregnant the temperature was not a problem for me and I really considered not wearing a coat that morning.  

When I checked in at the hospital I weighted 188.2.  I was always wondered if I would break 200 lbs during the pregnancy and in the end I didn't get there.  

Waiting to go to surgery.  It was amazing how fast time when before the operation.  During the Non Stress Test that morning I was having a few small contractions that I had never had before, so the boys were about ready to make there entrance c section or not.  

I would like to describe how we were feeling that morning, but there really are no words that seem to cover the way we were feeling since there was such a wide range of emotions.  

Up next: Delivery 

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