Thursday, January 17, 2013


WARNING:  There is one picture that is semi-grafic during surgery, so if you don't want to see that you may want to skip this post. 

We walked back to surgery just after 7am.  When we walked into the room everyone as moving and very business like.  There were nurses counting utensils, people hooking me up to different monitors, sticking things to my legs and arms, getting the epidural, and general prep work.  

In the OR there were two doctors, a physicians assistant, three surgery nurses, two OB nurses, tom the anesthetist, mike and I.    

Dr. Ohrt on the left and Dr. Adams on the right getting ready to deliver baby A. 
The anesthetist took pictures for us and Mike watched both babies being delivered.  While many of the pictures are graphic, it is nice to be able to look back and see what happened behind the blue curtain.   

Jax Levi Bergen was born in silence at 7:20 am.  He was breathing and perfectly fine, but he just didn't have a reason to cry and he is still the quieter of the two babies.  

Jase Ryan Bergen was born at 7:21am crying and he still is the loud one.  This is roughly the view I had of Jase when Dr Ohrt carried him across the room.  

The first moment it felt real what when they both cried at the same time about a minute after Jase was born.  

This was the first time I saw them both together.  It only lasted about a minute since they needed to be checked out in the nursery.  

Mike holding both of the boys for the first time.  

As far as the csection goes, I had read anything and everything I could about what a csection would be like.  Since mine was scheduled, it was different from people who have one after laboring for hours first.  Even though it kind of feels like a dream now, I do remember that I didn't feel anything. No pressure, tugging, or pushing I was numb from the ribs down.  I decided to not have any meds to sedate me after the csection was complete because I wanted to alert for meeting the boys and I am happy with that decision, since I wasn't feeling bad or freaked out in the operating room.  I knew that my arms would have to be out to the sides for the operation, but I was surprised that they weren't strapped down.  I don't know why I thought they would be, but they weren't.  When the csection was over things moved just as fast as they did before surgery.  People were counting utensils again, the doctors were having conversations about health care mandates and everything was getting cleaned up.  

Recovery was harder in some ways, but not too bad.  The first day I only stood up twice and I tried to eat some lunch, which I couldn't keep down.  It took until the middle of the afternoon for me to be able to move my legs.  As the epidural lost its effectiveness my legs were very tingly like when your arm falls asleep.  I felt like I wanted to move my legs and would concentrate very hard on trying to move and only my toes would wiggle a little.  The second day I got up to go to the bathroom, spent time sitting in a chair and even took a shower. Everyday after that just got better and better. I would recommend taking pain pills when ever they offer them in the hospital to stay ahead of the pain.  By the time I got home I was only taking Ibuprofen so pain was less by that point, but I still tried to take it regularly   I was a little low on energy and almost had to get a blood transfusion before leaving the hospital, but my numbers stabilized and I was still able to walk around without fainting, so luckily we were able to bypass that.  

Up next: After Delivery

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