Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Going Home

 We had our "last meal" before we left the hospital. Our hospital serves a steak dinner to each couple having a baby.  So this was jokingly our last hot meal that we could eat in peace.  While we ate, the nurses took the boys to the nursery to change them into their going home outfits.  

Once we were done eating we loaded up the boys and made the slowest trip from Henderson to our house to start our life as a family of four.  

On our first night home, in addition to our parents, our good friends from Kansas came to meet the boy.  They were a huge help with the night feedings the first two night and it gave Mike and I a chance to get a little sleep.  

The first night we realized the honeymoon was over as we laid on the couch waiting for Jax or Jase to cry so we wouldn't miss it getting almost no sleep that night.  Our only saving grace was breaking the night into two shifts so we at least slept some of the time.  

We quickly realized that we did not have to check on them for every little peep they made and that we should make their sleeping environment as much like the hospital as possible.  So the second night we had the boys sleep in plastic tubs similar to their bassinets at the hospital.  While they slept very well, it was obvious that they were to big for the tubs, so on the third night we moved them to one of the cribs in the nursery and they have slept there ever since.  

We are still getting the hang of being parents to twins, but we have had a large amount of help from family, wonderful meals from our church and a great group of friends that support us in many ways. 

Stay tuned for stories about some of our adventures with Jax and Jase.   


  1. Love the picture of Mike with both babies (above).

  2. I love reading all of your details from pre-delivery to going home! Can't wait to see my sweet nephews again soon! Miss them!