Monday, January 21, 2013

At the Hospital

Mike and I were worried that we wouldn't be able to tell the boys apart, so I bought hats with their names on them ahead of time.  Little did we know that they would look very different. 

Jax has dark hair, and looks more like Mike even down to his cowlick on his forehead.  

Jase has light hair and looks more like me, plus he has two semi-webbed toes.  

We had a good amount of company at the hospital.  Here is Jase with Grandma K. 

Grandpa Kurt with Jax. 

Grandma Karla with Jase.  

Aunt Ann and cousin Ava with Jase.  

Uncle Kellen with Jax.  

While we were at the hospital, my mom and I took a few pictures of the boys for the newspaper and a few random pictures since the lighting was good.  



Before going home we had a bath time demonstration from Marcia.  

We learned all of the basics so we could do it at home on our own.  

Jax was first. 

Then it was Jase's turn. 

Grandpa Kurt, Grandpa Terry and Uncle Kellen watched bath time through the window.  

After they were clean and dressed in matching outfits they needed to have a picture taken. 

This was the "first " race between the boys back to the hospital room.

We were at the hospital from Wednesday to Saturday evening.  Being in the hospital is truly the honeymoon period.  We took care of the babies during the day, could call a nurse whenever we had a question, the boys were happy in the environment that they had known since birth and the nurses took them during the night so we could rest up and recuperate before going home.

Up Next: Going Home (the honeymoons over)

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