Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bedroom Progress

We knew we wanted to change the carpet in the basement bedroom and paint the walls, so it wasn't as dark anymore.  I bought the carpet and started looking for a bedspread.  I fell in love with this one at Bed Bath and Beyond.
Based on this bedspread and my carpet, I chose some paint for the room.  Since the far wall has a window and the bed I figured there wouldn't be any room to put something on the wall, so I thought it would be cool to paint the wall a different color.  Mike wasn't sure about this choice. 

Mike's dad  helped us did all the work, pulling up the carpet.  We thought this would be an easy job because the corner by the door came up easily, but we were wrong. Over half of the carpet was stuck down and Terry had to pry it off the floor, but he did reveal something interesting under that carpet. 

You can see the newly constructed closet on the left. 

This is the green wall that Mike wasn't too excited about, but it looks much better without the bright blue carpet.

I wish I would have had a better before picture of this wall, but this wall changed the most.  To the left of the closet, there was a door that led to the bathroom. This room didn't have a closet before, so we added that and now the door to the bathroom is in the main room.

Next week I will post the after pictures.  Then we will move to the bathroom.   

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  1. What? No picture of the destruction of the bathroom? Not even any credit for being a home wrecker? ;-)

    Quilt case is almost done! :-)