Thursday, June 10, 2010

State Track Meet

I should have blogged about this weeks ago, but I was caught up with one thing or another, so I am finally posting some of the pictures from the Nebraska State Track and Field Meet. 

Going to State Track in something that Mike and I love to do.

I grew up going to the state track meeting with my parents to watch the Henderson, and then Heartland, athletes compete.  I think they were trying to create the desire in my brother and me to someday compete at the state meet. Well... I never really got the desire to compete because we did so many other fun things that weekend like shopping and eating out in Omaha, which the athletes didn't do, but Kellen went to the state track meet all four years of high school.

Mike also participated in the state track meet all four years of high school and the Heartland boys team were Class C State Champions 3 of the 4 years Mike was in high school.  I watched Mike run many races at the state track meet before we ever considered dating, which is kind of crazy.

It is always fun to remember the big races we have watched, see the gold medal champions from the weekend, and the state track records be set.

Since I take pictures for our local newspaper at the State Track Meet, I get a press pass, which gets me on to the field for up close pictures.  Here are a few pictures of some of the athletes we went to watch compete.   

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  1. LOVE that picture of the sisters . . . . some mom is going to want that for a scrapbook page!!