Thursday, November 19, 2009

Watch the Sunrise - Check

This fall has been crazy. I feel like I have been running from one thing to the next. In anticipation of this busy time of year, I wanted one of my "things to do" to include slowing down long enough to watch the sunrise. I quickly came to the realization that my idea of watching the sunrise from my living room with a cup of coffee was not going to happen. The morning before daylight savings time, I was driving to my parents at 8:15 am, so we could head to Kansas for one of my brothers football games. While I was driving and watching the sunrise I was thinking, I really need to stop and watch the sunrise because my time is running out before my birthday. So I did what any would do. I stopped the car. Ran to the front. Took a picture and thought "ah, now I can check that off my list." Well, so much for leisurely watching the sunrise. At least I did stop the care to take this picture and took advantage of the latest sunrise of the fall.
Maybe I will have better luck with taking it slow when I watch the sunset.

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