Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A few more

When I help my mom take pictures at weddings I get to see some of the behind the scenes craziness of a wedding day. Usually this includes some mischievous groomsmen. This wedding was no different.
Nick was more than willing to have his picture taken and even posed for me on his own.

He also tried to show up in the background of some of Dan and Tina's pictures. This is one of those pictures that is only funny if you were there. All I will say is Dan's brother wasn't too sure about going along with Nicks plan.

I was also able to catch a few pictures of Caitlin being a wedding planner to the fullest. At one point Emma stepped in something while we were taking pictures. Caitlin stepped up to clean off her shoes.

We weren't exactly sure what Emma had stepped in, but Caitlin was brave and sniffed the evidence. We were able to conclude that it was only mud.

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