Thursday, October 3, 2013

9 months

To be honest I do not have a ton of pictures or words about this month because I have been spending a lot of time playing with Jax and Jase.  It is amazing how much they have grown and changed this month and what they are learning to do.

Both boys improved their skills this month from getting into the sitting position on their own, to crawling, to pulling up onto their knees and pulling up to standing.  This makes it possible for them to play with each other and interact with each other, which is so fun to watch.

This last month we experienced some sleep regression, which has not been fun.  We went from sleeping through the night to getting up 5-8 times a night.  It was kind of interesting to walk into their nursery and find Jase sitting up in his sleep, but not interesting enough to want to get up multiple times a night.  At the end of this month the sleeping has gotten much better, but it was rough there for a little while.

We have started having the boys sit in the small bathtub and Jax has started splashing around in the tub alot.  Jase is more content to play with (suck on) toys.

We have started doing more finger foods this month too and it is obvious that Jax loves to feed himself.  We have tried puffs, grahm crackers, little pieces of bread, fruit and vegetables.  We aren't ready to get rid of pureed food yet, but I have decided to stop making food, so we don't end up throwing away a lot of food.

I started sending some formula along to daycare, so the boys can get adjusted to a new taste since we will be transitioning away from nursing by the beginning of November.

 Mike and I took a 24 hour trip to Omaha with our friends this month and the boys stayed with Grandma.  We took in a Nebraska Football Game and Mike ran the Omaha Half Marathon.

Jase is our busy body.  He is constantly moving, wiggling and getting into things he shouldn't.  His favorite is crumpling magazines. You can tell he is on the move by the number of bruises on his head from crawling into things and falling when trying to stand.  Jase has shown less interest in nursing and will eat a large amount of solid food.

One day I gave him a different pacifier to play with and he ended up liking it so much he made the switch to a new paci full-time.  

Jase had adopted the nick name "monk" short for monkey, because he is always climbing and moving. 

Jax is our laid back baby and we often referred to him as our cuddler.  He has been a little slower to start moving, but now that he can crawl there is not much stopping him.  He will stop when you tell him "no," but he usually goes right back to what he was doing especially chewing on the remote.

 He will wave his arms and turn his head if he doesn't want to eat what you are offering him and he loves to feed himself.  His 6th tooth came in on August 27.

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  1. Love them! Aunt Annie needs to come see them again soon! I miss them!