Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nebraska State Fair

During the first week in September the boys had their first, second and third state fair experiences.  As you may remember, I kind of grew up at the State Fair and posted about it here and here, not to mention skinny kurt and young kelsey here.  

So naturally I had to give the boys a proper introduction to the State Fair. 
Our first trip was on opening day with Grandma Kathryn.  We got there right after lunch and stayed until 6 pm.   While we were there we . . .

Ate a burger from Cactus Jacks, 

Chilled in the stroller with our feet up. 

 and went to the petting zoo, which was our favorite. 

On the second trip, we went with my parents for supper.  Seeing the Clydesdales in the barn was a highlight from this trip.    

 Our last trip was for the steer show on Labor Day weekend to say the fair was packed, would be an understatement.  Mike and two of my college friends, Caitlin and Tina,  joined us this time. 

 It was Caitlin's first State Fair trip too.   

All-in-all we had a great experience at the State Fair and I love the fact that the fair is only 30 minutes away, even though I miss the nostalgicness (yes I'm making that a word) of the old fair grounds.   

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  1. Great post! Enjoyed the links to past memories as well. Sometime when you are in Lincoln, you should climb the 27th Street bridge again and take the same shot - my how things have changed!