Wednesday, September 4, 2013

8 Months

Both boys tend to roll on to their left side when they sleep

We attended the Hamilton and York County Fairs.  The boys enjoyed their first cattle show and looking at the different animals. 

We went to a Lincoln Saltdogs game for Henderson Day. 

We attended the Nebraska State Fair.  Out of the eight days that the fair was going, the boys attended 3 days.  More information to come in a later post. 

New foods: peaches, apples, prunes, nectarine, butternut squash, carrots, watermelon, zucchini, Mums, gram crackers.

Both boys go through stages of being messy eaters. Jase has be known to spit food, sticks his fingers in his mouth and then rubs his fingers in his hair.  Jax likes to waves his hands in front of his face, hitting the spoon and sending food flying.  We haven't decided if he is doing this because he doesn't like the food, is trying to sign all done or wants to eat something other than what I am feeding him. 

 Both boys have started picking on each other.  

We spent time at the Stauffer Pond. More information to come in a later post. 

There was a lot of rocking back and forth on knees this month.

Both boys can sit well on their own

We did some family jogging/walking/bike riding this month.

Average Daily Schedule
 6:30 am  - Awake, Change clothes, nurse, and play while brother nurses
7:00 – Breakfast of oatmeal with fruit mixed in
7:30- Play
8am – Head to daycare
8:30 - Nap
9:30- – 5-6 oz bottle at daycare
10:00 – Play
12:00 -  I nurse at daycare (the boys phased out this feeding by the end of the month)
12:30 – Eat solids.  Usually a fruit and vegetable (toward the end of the month they had solids prior to me nursing at noon)
1:00 – Nap
3:00- 5-6 oz. bottle.
5:00 – I pick up the boys at daycare
5:30 -  Nurse at home
6:00 – Eat solids.  Usually a fruit and vegetable
7:00-8:00 – Play time
8:30-9:30 – Nurse and Bedtime
Both boys usually wake up at least once at night to nurse.  This may be due to the fact that we cut out nursing at noon and the dream feed at 10:30pm, but they had already been waking up at night, and it didn’t really seem like the wanted these two feedings with the solids they are now getting. 

Moves all over the floor.  Started army crawling on 7/10

Got his first 2 teeth on 7/13

Would not stay still enough to sit, when we put him in that position, until he moved into the sitting position on his own on 7/8 as I was leaving daycare.  It surprised me for the longest time every time I looked over at him and he was sitting. 
Just started clapping his hands at the end of this month

 Third tooth 8/1, 4th tooth on 8/1, 5th tooth on 8/16. 
We have been battling constipation this month and as long as he doesn't crawl and loves to eat grahm crackers I think we will still have this problem.  

Is a solid sitter, but very little interest in moving around (unlike his brother) and is very content sitting in one spot. 

Loves the farm themed exersaucer.

Claps his hands very well. He started this trick on 7/5.

After several meals of prodding Jax to eat we learned that he prefers warm food.   

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