Friday, March 8, 2013

2 Months

I have been having some trouble with blogger lately with editing post I have already written and being able to access all of my photos on my computer, so this post doesn't have everything that I intended to post, but if I didn't get it posted soon the boys would be three months before I did.

Some of our exciting milestones for the boys at two months include:

  • The start of social smiling by both boys
  • Starting to vocalize regularly and as a reaction to people or things they like
  • Both boys are batting at objects hanging above them, while it isn't always intentional they are starting to be more intentional with their movements at times
  • There eye sight is getting much better and they can track people walking by.  This also means that the television catches their eye from time to time and I catch them watching it. 
  • Staying in hotels for 3 nights
  • Getting two month shots 
  • The boys going to Lincoln with me alone for twin group
  • Jax starting to sleep through the night from 10:30pm to 7 am. 
  • Jase extending the amount of time he sleeps from 10:30 pm to 3:00-4:30ish am and then until 7 am.
  • The boys go anywhere from 2-3.5 hours between day time feeding
  • They follow an unstructured eat, play sleep pattern most days
  • I feel much more comfortable taking the boys out and around on my own and we are often on the go, so our days have some variety
Here is a snapshot of our day

3:40 am - Jase wakes up and eats 80 ml before going back to sleep
6:35 am - Jase is up for the day and wants to eat 
7:00 am - Jax is up for the day and hungry 
        Both boys have awake time
7:30 am - Jase takes a nap
8:00 am - Jax takes a nap 
9:20 am - Jase wakes up and eats 
9:40 am - Jax wakes up and eats
       Both boys have awake time 
10:55 am - Jax and Jase take a nap 
11:30 am - Jax just wanted a cat nap and is now awake
12:00 pm - Jax eats
12:10 pm - Jase wakes up and eats
        Both boys have awake time
1:05 pm - Jax takes a name
1:45 pm - Jax is awake
2:10 pm - Jax eats
2:30 pm - Jase wakes up and eats
        Both boys have awake time
3:30 pm - both boys nap
5:00 pm - Both boys wake up 
5:00 pm - Jase eats
5:15 pm - Jax eats
        Both boys have awake time
6:30 - 7:00pm - Both boys nap 
7:10 pm - Jax eats
7:30 pm - Jase eats
8:30 pm - Jase falls asleep 
8:50 pm - Jax falls asleep 
10:30 pm - we wake both boys up to top them off before we put them to bed for the night.  Jase eats 90 ml and Jax eats 60 ml. 

At this point we are still giving two bottles of pumped milk at 10:30 pm and when the boys wake up during the night.  

During their awake time the boys usually play on the playmate, we read books, do tummy time, sing songs, and make funny faces with each other.  

I think that is about it for now.  Sorry for all of the words and few pictures.  Hopefully I can get blogger figured out before we reach 3 months (in two weeks).  


  1. I think it's amazing you find any time to blog at all, mama! It will be fun to look back at the monthly updates when they get older.

  2. Hey. Look into downloading Windows Live Writer. It's free and it automatically links to your blog. You write offline and then upload it. I finally got it when I tried writing a post 4 different times on blogger and it KEPT deleting it. 4 times!

    It was good seeing you guys yesterday! They've definitely grown so much!