Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gender Reveal

On the day we found out the gender of the babies we hosted a Gender Reveal Party.

We had a cake made to serve everyone 

We had people give their prediction of what the babies would be.  Most of the people chose boy/girl. 

When the big moment came we tricked everyone by cutting into the cake shown above, which was actually chocolate.  

After we had a good laugh, we pulled out the real cake that revealed the genders of both babies.  

Of course it was ALL blue. 

We even had three people watching the reveal by Skype and Face Time so we had to give them an up close look at the cake. 

Once everyone knew it was two boys, we had people give name suggestions.  
While there were some good options, we aren't going to use any of their names.  

It was a great evening with many of our friends and family.  

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