Wednesday, December 5, 2012

34 weeks

I'm actually 35 weeks today, so this picture is from last week.  We have one week until we are in the clear to go into labor without having guaranteed time in the NICU.  That also means that we will be able to deliver in Henderson after that point which is really exciting.  This week I started Biophysical Profiles which will happen every week and Non Stress Test (NST) which will happen twice a week.  Luckily I can do both of the tests in Henderson, so I don't have to drive very much.

At this point

  • Our bags our packed
  • We have learned how to install the car seats and one is in the car
  • I am thirsty for ICE COLD water all the time 
  • I get up every two hours at night 
  • Strangers often comment that I look like I'm ready to pop and people who know I'm having twins thought I would be bigger
  • I also run into people who are/have twins everywhere 
  • The only person we (actually I) have told our baby names to is a random guy working at the Buckle.  He was an identical twin and asked what we were naming them and I just let it slip, but he approved so that was good.   


  1. May stop at the Buckle this weekend and see if I can find that guy . . .(kidding)

  2. You look great and Hooray for 35 weeks!! :) I remember craving ice cold water. I had a hospital jug that I would refill 4-5 times a day. I remember drinking a whole one each night (during the night) which didn't help my need to use the bathroom every couple of hours either. I can't wait for my sweet nephews to be born. Maybe they will be born on the 23rd (the day after your anniversary) just like Ava was. :)