Thursday, October 21, 2010

This guy

Turned 27 today

Since I am so organized lucked out big time, I bought Mikes Birthday gift in May.  I realized that Carrie Underwood would be performing in Omaha the week of his birthday, so I asked him if he wanted that as his birthday gift.  Surprisingly, he wasn't completely on board with the concert right away, but I think the idea sunk in and he got really excited as the concert got closer.  Since I ordered our tickets the day they became available we had seats on the floor in row 21, which ended up being pretty good seats. 

 The first opening act was Sons of Siliva and they looked more like a Twighlight rock band than a band that belonged at a country concert. 

 Billy Currington was the second opening act and we knew almost every song he played.

 Then Carrie took the stage and she rocked it.  In a country way. 

 She sang the entire show live and changed at least 7 times.

 At one point, she was in a truck that was suspended in air above the crowd.  We had great seats for this part because the truck stopped not to far behind us. 

 Carrie also played the piano and guitar as she sang during the show. 

 Most people took pictures with their phones.  At this point I don't know if anyone was looking at her directly.  They all seemed to be taking a picture or video on their phone. 

 While it looks like our seats were pretty far away, the stage was much closer than this picture seems.  

 At the end of the show there was confetti and 

 streamers.  If I had a concert I would definitely have confetti and streamers. 



  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all! ;) Wasn't he an adorable baby? So sweet I could have eaten him and some days when he was little, I wished I had....

  2. Happy birthday, Mike!!

    The concert sounds great! I accidentally had your gift shipped to me instead of you. My mom will be bringing it back with you when she comes home.

    Steve, Jodilynn & Katie