Monday, April 12, 2010

Mennonite Monday - Luau Bites

Mennonite Monday started because I wanted to make recipes from the Bethesda Mennonite Church Cookbooks (both the yellow and the white cookbook for those of you who own them). I also wanted to take pictures of each recipe that I made, so I would know for future reference what the recipe should look like. I am by no means a great cook, but I think it will be fun to try new and different recipes each week. Not all of these recipes are for ethnic Mennonite food, but the women from Henderson know how to cook, so I can safely say that these recipes will be good. Check back each Monday for a new recipe and feel free to leave a comment if you have a favorite recipe from these cookbooks, or if you have some tips on what I should make and how I should make it.
For my jewelry party, I decided to make snacks from the church cookbooks. One of the snacks I made was Luau Bites on page 3 of the yellow church cookbook.  This is a very easy finger food that smells wonderful while it is broiling.  

Luau Bites
Wrap 1/2 slices of bacon around 1/2 water chestnuts and or pineapple chunks, fasten with toothpicks.  Marinate in mixture of:
1/4 cup soy sauce 
2 tablespoons brown sugar
for 1/2 hour.  Drain. Broil turning once until bacon is crisp.  

 I wrapped my pineapple and water chestnuts in the bacon the day before, so I only had to marinate and broil them the next day.

I broiled them for a little over 10 minutes on one side and about 7 minutes on the other side.

FYI: There will be a lot of juice in your pan after these are done broiling, so don't use a flat cookie sheet. Luckily I didn't have to learn this the hard way, but it did cross my mind to use a cookie sheet, which would have been bad.

Once they were done, I put them in a crock pot to keep them warm. The only suggestion I would make for this recipe is letting them marinate for longer than 30 minutes or making more of the marinate mix because I didn't think they soaked in the flavor very well. 


  1. yum! We should do these this summer!

    We had a luau in my classroom on Friday. Each child was asked to bring something to share with the class for our Hawaiian Feast. One of my students brought SPAM kabobs! I about died! They were really cute. It was a chunk of spam, pineapple, and cheese. All of the kids loved them too! He was so proud and even brought research on how SPAM is eaten a lot in Hawaii!

  2. I would probably died if someone fed me Spam kabobs too. Did you taste them?