Friday, January 8, 2010

Oasis of the Seas Part 4

This post is devoted to food. If you have been on a cruise before, you will know that food is pretty important on the ship. This ship had 27 (yes I did say 27) places to eat. I think our last ship had eight. It was crazy. Now we didn't go to all of the different places to eat because some of them were expensive, but we did visit a good portion of them.

I was very excited about the Cupcake Shop before the cruise and it did not disappoint me.

It was so cute.

I'm pretty sure I had at least 3 cupcakes during the week.
This particular time it was red velvet for me and chocolate/vanilla for Mike.

There was a Seafood Shack on the Boardwalk. It was so good. Unfortunately I was completely stuffed, so I didn't couldn't enjoy the food as much as I would have otherwise.

One of the things I had at the Seafood Shack was the Cajun Popcorn Shrimp.

They had a candy store on the ship! We went their twice.

We ate at Johnny Rockets one day.

Megan and Aaron had a beautiful sundae.

Sorrento's pizza was on this ship just like the last one, but it was upgraded. On this ship you could choose your own toppings and make your own personal pizza in addition to the four kinds of pizza they offered each day.

There was a donut shop.

On the second to last night the waiters do a parade around the dining room and everyone waves their napkins in the air.

We got into the napkin waving.

We really got into the napkin waving.

We really really got into the napkin waving.

Our waiter Edison.

On one of our formal nights.

I think all four of us clean up pretty good.

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