Tuesday, January 12, 2010


For the last five days we have been taking a detour to get to our house through a cornfield.

This is where we turn off of the road into the cornfield (the opening to the right).

Our path was 3/4 mile into the cornfield up this hill.

It flattened off at the well (on the right) but this part was really bumpy, so you couldn't drive over 5 mph.

Then we passed from the driveway on our neighbors ground to the driveway by our field.

Made a right turn.

From here we angled 1/4 mile back towards the house.

It was a trek and added about 10 minutes of travel time to any trip we made.

Even though the snow stopped blowing on Friday, we still have a lot of digging out to do.

This drift is as hard as a rock.

This is where our road should be going south.

The road going north was blown shut going up the hill.

In anticipation of being able to use our driveway, when the road is opened and having corn hauled off of our yard by semi, we started salting the driveway on Saturday.

Today our road was opened to the north so we don't have to drive through the cornfield anymore, which makes us happy. We just hope our mail man will come tomorrow. It has been 7 days since we received any mail.

I will be posting pictures of the tunnel of snow we now drive through to get home shortly.

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