Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy Birthday X 2

Almost one month ago, our boys turned 1 year old.  

Here is a little look at their Birthday Party. 

The cakes and the backdrop for the photo booth.  (More on that later)

After eating supper we had a pile of gifts to go through.  Everyone was so generous and we are so thankful their support.  The boys got everything from clothes and toys to cowboy boots and a basketball hoop.  It was funny how Jase opened a book and crawled over to Grandma to start reading it right away.  Jax opened a sippy cup and started trying to drink out of it immediately.  

We posed for a quick family picture before everyone sang Happy Birthday. 

It's their party and Jase will cry if he wants to.  Actually I think my thumbed nicked his lip when I leaned in to blow out the candle.  

Each boy had their own smash cake.  Randomly Jase got the vanilla cake and Jax had the chocolate.

They dug right in 

Then Jase decided to sit on his cake. 

Jase decided he wanted to try the chocolate cake (he tends to be our stealer) and Jax was not happy about that, so he went to find his dad and started to cry. 

It didn't take very long and the boys were done with the cake, so it was bath time.  

It was a great evening to celebrate a very important milestone.  

THANK YOU to everyone who was able to come and for all of your generous gifts.  

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