Saturday, December 14, 2013

11 Months

We have less than one month until the boys turn ONE YEAR OLD.  It is hard to believe that they are that old already.  It is also hard to remember what they were like when they were newborn because they are so much bigger and active.

This month we have noticed that they call out for each other when they are in different rooms or can't see the other one.  They aren't in distress or worried about the other one, but it is more of a conversation like "Brother are you there?" "I'm Here."  They have not been apart much since they were born, so it is natural that they want to make sure the other one is there.  

We are currently wearing size 12 month clothes and some 12-18 month clothes.  When we wear shoes they are size 3-4 and we wear size 3 diapers during the day and size 4 diapers at night.   

A day in the life of the Bergen Twins looks some what like this. 

  • 6am – Lights on, usually Jase has been up for a while at this point.  
  •  6:30 - Bottles  (Jax 6 oz with meds, Jase 4-6oz) 
  •  7-7:30am – Breakfast (toast, yogurt, fruit, pancakes, etc) BRUSH TEETH
  • Play time, maybe nap
  •  9:30-10 am – Bottles (Jax 6oz, Jase 4oz)
  •  Usually nap time about 1 hour
  •   12 Noon – Lunch (lunch meat, cut up hot dogs, left overs, veggie or fruit )
  •  Playtime
  •  2:30-3 pm – Bottle (Jax  6-8 oz, Jase 4-6 oz)
  •  Naptime usually 1-2 hours if your lucky
  •  4-4:30 pm – Snack if needed (crackers)
  •  5:30-6 pm – Supper (whatever we eat) BRUSH TEETH
  •  7 pm – Pajamas
  •  7-8pm – Night time bottles (Jax 6 oz with meds, Jase 4-6 oz ) They are Usually asleep between 8-8:30pm depending on the night

Jax's new tricks include:
       Stacking cups in each other 
       Pressing buttons with one finger 
       Putting shapes in the shape sorter with grandma's help and then clapping when the shape fits

        He is working on his molars 
       Does touchdown 
       Likes to bite on hard things 
       Likes to drum on things
       Likes to climb on things 


 Jase's new tricks include: 
       Doing touchdown  
       New teeth - All four on top
        Open mouth kisses 

       Turning single pages in board books
        Says "eehh ewwww" when reading books
       Likes to crawl through tight spaces and under things  
       Likes to bite in soft things like socks and a wash clot
Can be bashful


  1. That first image (but all of them actually) is SO cute!!

  2. You should do a month by month progression of them sitting in the chairs from 1 month to 12 months. They are so cute! :)