Thursday, August 8, 2013

7 months

 This month we celebrated the Fourth of July even though I have no pictures to show for it.  

We walked in the Henderson Community Days – 5 K Race and Mike ran. 

Community Days was pretty tiring, but we all survived. 

We are currently wearing size 3 diapers and 6 month and 9 month clothing. 
Boy boys have started really reaching for things and showing interest in cups.

They got their 6 month shots and then cried all the way to and from Lincoln the next day for Twin Group.
We went Swimming twice. 

Here is our Average Daily Schedule
7am – Wake up and Nurse.  Change diaper and clothes.
7:45 am – Head to Daycare.
8:30 am – Take a nap at Daycare
9:30 am – Wake up and drink a 5 oz. bottle then play and maybe catnap.
12:00 Noon -  Mom comes to daycare to nurse and they eat 2 cubes of solid food.
1-1:30 pm – Take a nap
2:30-3:30pm – Wake up and drink a 5 oz. bottle and play. 
5:00pm – Mom picks them up and we head home. 
5:30 pm – Nurse time with Mom.
6 pm – Eat 2 more cubes of solid food then playtime with an optional catnap.
8 pm – Nurse
8:30-9:30pm – Fall asleep for the night.
10:30 pm  - Dream Feed.
Sometimes we sleep through the night, sometimes one or both of use wake up at varying time for a pacifier or to nurse. 

Since starting solids when they turned 6 months old, we have tried various fruits and vegetables including: avocado (7/1), sweet potato,(7/6) pear (7/16), banana (7/22), green beans (7/25).  The only food that they weren’t a fan of was banana and green beans, which I think was mostly due to texture.  At this point I am making their food.  I’m not sure how long we will keep this up, but so far I feel good about it.  I did buy some baby food pears while I was waiting for my pears to ripen. 


We started eating 2 times a day on 7/20

We tried some apple juice mixed in with our food to help with constipation, but it may have caused Jax a rash, so we decided to wait to try more. 

They laugh so much more this month and are still very happy babies. 

They are on the move so much more than last month.  They mostly move in circles and backward, but crawling is getting close.

Started sitting by himself on a few seconds at a time on 7/4.  Even though he has fallen over backwards a few times, he got a lot better as sitting as the month went on.  He is not able to get into or out of the sitting position on his own. 

Started trying to suck on his toes on 7/6

Is hard to calm down when he gets mad

Started blowing bubbles and food with tongue.
Spins circles on tummy efficiently starting 7/21
Likes to studies details and textures


  1. Fully experienced Jax's "Shows some separation anxiety" and "Hard to calm down when he gets made" last night! ;)

  2. Yeah, you know, I think he has a temper like his daddy! Oops - *Mason genes.*

  3. Oh - and Kelsey, you DO have 4th of July pics from the picnic in the park at Stockham!