Monday, July 1, 2013

Child Dedication

On the day Jax and Jase turned 5 months old we had Child Dedication at church.

I wanted to add words from the service to this post, but I lost them in my email.  Bummer.  Here are some photos from the day. 

The group that was dedicated. 

At the church with Pastor Jim Voth. 

We had our family over for a meal following the dedication. 

We ate verenika on china, which may be one of two time I use my china.  The next time will be when the boys get baptized. I'm mostly kidding about only using it twice.  I think. 

The boys even got in on the action and sat in their high chairs for most of the meal. 

Then it was time for cake.  Half white for mom and half chocolate for dad.  

It's a good thing we have cute boys because it distracts you from looking at how oddly the cake was decorated.  

It is probably my fault the cake looked bad because I told them what to write, thinking they would put an "&" between their names.  I also told them to use blue, green and brown to go with the invitation but I didn't specify what shade of those colors. Oh well. 

It was a great day for this family of four.  

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