Wednesday, July 10, 2013

6 months

  • This month both boys have really grown the skills they started to use last month.

  • Both boys started pushing themselves around more on the floor.  They have started to move backwards, spin in a circle or move sideways to reach a toy, a tag or pester their brother.
  • Both boys slept through the night from 10:30 pm – 6:30 am every night this month. 

  • Playing with toys is becoming much more intentional and they each have their favorite toys.  Jase loves a soft crinkly book (they actually both like it and fight over it) and Jax loves a plastic giraffe at daycare.

  • Both boys are rolling but they are much more interested in sitting up assisted. 
  • They have found their feet.  Jase is much more interested in them than Jax and tries to grab things with them.  

  • We had our first taste of rice cereal on their 6 month birthday and they loved it.

  • They attended their first College World Series. 

  • We moved up to size 3 diapers at night and eventually to them all the time this month.
  • Bathtime now takes place in our plastic tub in the bathroom bathtub and the boys kick like crazy.
  • They eat 5 oz (150 ml) for feedings at daycare
  • Started trying naps in the cribs

  • Can put their pacifier in their mouth by themselves and use the backside as something to chew on. 
  • We enjoy spending time outside whenever we get the chance



  • Had his first and second tooth come through on June 3 and June 14.

  • Loves to be in a standing or sitting position
  • Is a stomach sleeper even though we put him to bed on his back each night he always ends up on his stomach.
  • Does not need his arms swaddled anymore at night


  • Sleeps best on his left side
  • Rolls from back –front-back.
  • Loves to be outside
  • Is usually the first one awake in the morning.
  • Uses his feet for everything and loves to kick his legs 

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