Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Are they identical?

I am often asked if our twins are identical.  This is a valid question because they are both boys, but they are not identical.  Anyone that spends a significant amount of time with them can tell the differences, in their looks and personality.  Here are two things the distinctly set them apart.

 Jax has a very distinctive hair line that looks just like his father.  It includes the circular cowlick on the front left, the point in the front and the way his hair swoops to the right. 

Jase has two toes that are webbed together on both feet.  It is the second and third toe and they are just connected up to the knuckle. 

Other differences include:
  • Their hair color
  • Face shape
  • Weight
  • Smiles
  • The way they talk
  • Their cries

While I was pregnant we were very concerned about not being able to tell them apart.  It was a big fear of ours.  We are so glad they have their unique differences making our life a little easier.  There are still times that they look similar especially when they are in their car seats with hats on, but they mostly just look like brothers, which is what they are.  

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