Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cheap Date

Last Saturday night Mike and I decided to go on a cheap date in Viborg SD.  We took the high school youth to Swan Lake Christian Camp for the weekend and thought it would be fun to go to a movie, since we had Saturday night free.  Despite the "small town atmosphere" it was a great experience with the movie costing $5 per person and an additional $5 for popcorn, skittles and pop, we had a fun $15 date.  

We saw True Grit. I did not expect that I would enjoy it, but I did.   However I did not enjoy the part that the horses always have to die (when did I become a horse lover?).  After the movie Mike informed me that the horses did not actually die when they filmed the movie which made me feel better.  

I will also mention that our trip to SLCC and back was much smoother then last years adventure even though we had to leave early due to icy roads and a potential rain/snow mix that was threatening.  

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