Monday, July 6, 2009

A relaxing start to a crazy week... kind of

This week is the most stressful week of my job because this weekend is Community Days. I have to say I am pretty organized this year, but coordinating a three day event is still stressful no matter how much you organize.

Knowing this week would be stressful, I decided to use one of my 30 minute massage certificates to help me relax. The massage would have been a lot more relaxing if I would have remembered to take my certificate with me to work. Instead I rushed home and to the appointment feeling more stressed and unorganized that I should have been at that point, but I did make it to the appointment mostly on time.

If any of you are wanting a good massage, go to Brooke Marshall. She does a great job.

Sorry for the boring picture, there are not many picture options when you are getting a massage.

Thanks mom and dad for the great Birthday gift, even though it took me over 6 months to use it.

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