Saturday, November 2, 2013

10 months

We have seen alot of changes this month.  I probably say that every month, but each new step is so big that it feels like they are changing at a faster and faster rate each month. 

This month we are embracing babies on the move and anticipating the changes that walking will bring in the near future.  Both boys pull up to standing, stand holding on to something with one hand, cruise around furniture and have both stood on their own for a few seconds.  Crawling is second nature and to say the boys are in to everything is a mostly true statement.  We have worked at putting different sets of toys around the house so the boy have toys to play with no matter which room they are in. 

They make beeline for the refrigerator anytime the doors open.  I rarely leave it open long enough for them to get inside, but it was hard to resist this picture opportunity.  

Another big change this month is how the boys eat.  We are fully transitioned into eating table foods.  The boys will eat some foods from a spoon when I feed them and they like to suck pureed fruits and veggies from the pouches, but their favorite way to eat is to feed themselves.  It was hard to make the transition at first, but now it is so much easier.  Messier.  But easier.  

 We are still harvesting, so I can't say that we survived our first harvest yet, but I will say that harvest hasn't been as hard as I anticipated.  There have been days where the boys barely get to see Mike, but we have had early mornings, several rain breaks and supper time together.  Speaking of supper time, the harvest crew has been pretty easy going and have come to our house to eat on may of my supper nights, which has made things easier and been much appreciated. 

 One day when they were harvesting around our yard, we took the wagon out to the bin site to see dad and visit cousin Will.  

This month we have also seen the boys interact more through babbling to each other, playing will each other and picking on each other.  It has been so much fun to watch and I know it will only get to be more entertaining.

One schedule change we have made this month is moving to daytime bottles instead of nursing.  I had been aiming to wean the boys at the end of October and was worried about how hard it would be to make that transition.  Luckily, the boys made it for me.  One day they refused to nurse the entire day and just wanted to bite me.  I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to transition to bottles during the day.  This is our feeding schedule at 10 months.
6am- Nurse
7:30am - Breakfast (yogurt, fruit, cherrios)
10 am - Bottle (Jase usually drinks 4 oz and Jax usually drinks 6+ oz)
12 Noon - Lunch
2:30 - Bottle (same as morning)
6pm - Supper
8 pm - Nurse
11:30 & 2:30 - Nurse

We are still experiencing sleep regression. It is getting better, but they haven't slept through the night in at least two months.  Maybe the time change will help. I'm not holding my breath.  

Jase has developed such a fun little personality.  He is a mover and shaker.  Loves to pick on his brother, but doesn't like the favor returned.  He can stay entertained with a pile of books for a long time. He makes a beeline for me when I pick him up at daycare and always gets to me before Jax.  He is not as interested in drinking his bottle but loves to feed himself solids.    

Jax has a very fun personality as well, but it is completely different from Jase.  He loves to bonk foreheads, has started biting, and has mastered waving Goodbye.  He is in love with remote controls, pulling papers down from tables he can reach and recently decided he wants to fight going into his car seat.  Jax will drink all of his bottle at every feeding and then finish Jase's if he has the opportunity. 

It is amazing to think that in two short months these boys will be celebrating their 1st Birthday.  How did that happen so fast?

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  1. The littler man is always pulling/picking on the bigger man (pic #4) Luckily he thinks it's funny and giggles rather than taking a punch!