Monday, April 25, 2011

The Cosmo

I'm interrupting this "Mennonite Monday" because I keep forgetting my camera at work which has my Mennonite Monday pictures on it I need to finally post the pictures of our hotel in Vegas, since that trip was over a month ago.   

 We had an amazing room at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.  This hotel opened in December and was very modern.  One of my favorite things was when you walked in there was a button that said "Hello" when you pressed it all the lights came on.  The other button was "Goodbye" when you pressed it, all the lights dimmed until it was dark.  
The above picture was the sitting area when you entered our room. 

 This was the desk and TV in the sitting area. 

 Across from the TV/Desk. 

 The bedroom. 

 Across from the bed.  To the left you see a window into the bathroom. 

 The bathroom

 The walk in shower

 The bathtub 

We had a little balcony, which was nice.  It didn't face the strip, but we could see a lot of people in the adjacent hotel rooms getting ready for bed. Which provided some free entertainment.

Every week I plan to do a better job of blogging and every week life gets in the way.  Hopefully this week I can actually do a better job of posting more than once.  

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